Xpo Logistics - Bad Service

I Placed an order with Overstock who used XPO as the delivery service, I was suppose to receive my order on Jan 17th now here it is Saturday the 19th and my order still hasn’t arrived and since tomorrow is Sunday and they don’t deliver on Sunday it will be the 21st before I may possibly receive my purchase. I am very dissapointed in the service I have received I would not recommend XPO to anyone. And I’m very dissapointed with Overstock for using such a poor delivery service.
We were working with Lowe's to get our new appliances set up for delivery. We confirmed that the appliances would be delivered in the afternoon on the following Saturday. We received a call from XPO Logistics to incorrectly advise that our delivery would be between 7...
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Xpo Logistics in Venray, Belgian Limburg - Discrimination

I was discriminated in this company by a polish coordinator and then I called the police but the manager fired me without listening to me he was totally ignored me like I didn’t exist for him he was discriminating me even more
Venray, Belgian Limburg

Xpo Logistics - Cringed When I Read Reviews

The day started with flood warnings and tornados. I fully expected the delivery to be cancelled, but was pleasantly surprised when I received a call that they were about to be at my home. From the reviews I expected the worst. They came in to a sheltered part in from of my door, and cleared off the small amount of rain that had fallen on the box. They opened the box, put the Zero Gravity Lounge Chair together, cleaned up perfectly, put the chair where I wanted it and were extremely pleasant, professional and polite. I could not be more pleased with the delivery. Perhaps a certain area has some problems, but not the Tampa Bay Area. Five + stars!
The lead delivery man lied straight to my face in my own home that the anti-tip bracket was not needed, that if they install it I would not like it and was very pushy about having the delivery signed off by me. That is against the law. The anti-tip bracket is...
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Xpo Logistics - They keep up to much mess

They do to much they smoke weed on the parking lot and overflow a lot of there full time be at the smoking weed and one of there employee name tenesha be popping pill. And there active supervisor she so mess and she friend with another employee and they keep up mess and the temp girl she right with them and her name is Antseria
XPO is infamous for stealing trailers. I work for a company who has had way too many issues with XPO stealing our trailers and using them as their own. We have attempted to contact XPO to find a civil way to solve the problem but there is never any response from them....
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Because it's important for us consumers to post our good and bad experiences to either encourage big business to rectify bad situations or give them kudos only when warranted, I'm posting even though it appears from the other reviews below that the managers at the...
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I had a very poor appliance delivery experience with XPO which I will note below. I had purchased a front load washer and dryer from Lowes in Houston, TX and asked the appliances to be delivered. Lowes sub-contracts these deliveries to XPO. 1) The appliances were...
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Contact Xpo Logistics

Mailing Address:
XPO Logistics, Inc.
Five American Lane
Greenwich, Connecticut 06831
United States
(844) 742-5976
Next, we chose a time window of 7 am to 1 pm for our delivery. Prior to delivery we were given a more specific time frame of 10 am - 1 pm. The following is our documented account of the day: - Called XPO at 115 - on hold for 11 min. Got hung up on or disconnected. -...
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