Xpo Logistics - Delivery

Totally agree..terrible company with all other complaints..Can everyone be wrong..So unprofessional..
Had freezer delivered from Lowes, with Xpo,rude driver,i did not accept damaged freezer, and driver was as unprofessional as could be,wanted to give my dented freezer to the next delivery address , and give me theirs on truck,i would not comply,why should the next...
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Received delivery on freezer was all dented. XPO LOGISTICS did the delivery besides the freezer being dented the driver was extremely rude and unprofessional . DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPT DELIVERY'S FROM THIS COMPANY! READ THE REVIEWS ON XPO LOGISTICS. READ EMPLOYEE...
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Your driver Tim informed us that XPO would not bring the refrigerator to the second floor due to the chair glide. Lowes was fully aware of the chair gkide when the refrigerator was purchased-and guaranteed that the chair glide would not be an issue ! The broken...
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Had an XPO driver back into our loading dock wall and knocked several bricks from our wall. When confronted, the African American gentlemen not only denied it, but wouldn't give his name or allow us to make a report and started accusing the shipping manager of being a...
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Xpo Logistics - I’m scared

Just read the reviews on this company . I have a delivery tomorrow . I’ll be watching . I hope I can turn in a great review
XPO need to be closed down !!! Unreal... and the customer service staff beyond unprofessional. I’d say more like ghetto and/or ratchet. Same exact story and everyone else .. times push back multipul times and day and then again the next day ... complete BS and the...
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Xpo Logistics - He almost ran me over and my friend

He came through a red light ar mt zion and i had a green arrow he ran the red light i had to come to a hard stop on motor cycle while they blew horn and laughed 9:00 pm mt zion and 25 trailer # 5411982 i am a truck drivwr tjis man needs fired now
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I got the same run around as everyone else. Late,late again, finally no show. I had people waiting to help and planned out a 2 day rug installation because there were multiple rugs in a small house with lots of furniture. XPO is sending me a $75.00 gift certificate AND...
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I order a refrigator and washer, Dryer from Lowes . The items where order from Lowes over 30 days ago. I understand that your driver work long days and it is easy to under sta...

I didn't like
  • Horrible delivery service
  • Lack of delivery and phone calls

Contact Xpo Logistics

Mailing Address:
XPO Logistics, Inc.
Five American Lane
Greenwich, Connecticut 06831
United States
(844) 742-5976
bought a frig from Lowes. Waited 2 week for it to come in. XPO called stated would deliver between 3 and 5 PM. At 4 pm received a call from my office stating I needed to see a patient. Stated I would go as soon as frig was delivered. XPO arrived at 8:30 pm. Lost $200...
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I liked
  • Horrendous
I didn't like
  • Did not provide servic promised
  • Din not provide service promised