I work here in McKinney, TX. We frequently receive deliveries from Staples, UPS, FEDEX, and sometimes (unfortunately) XPO. Deliveries are made to the warehouse portion of our business, and I am always the contact person for these deliveries. They are not to be left by...
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Xpo Logistics - X PO ***!!!!!!

Stove delivery. What can I say? Everyone has the same story. Why should I write the whole story. This company should def go out of business on its own. Matter of time until companies like Lowes and IKEA and prob others will cancel contracts.
The drivers from this company first tried to deliver my dishwasher without the proper hoses on the truck. Second time they tried to deliver, they said they didn't have the dishwasher kit. We had to reschedule the delivery for a third time and then they tell me the...
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Worst carrier ever encounterd! Total mess... Missed delivery 3 times, including one Sunday window of 9AM to 9PM (yes, 12 hrs window that XPO assigned to me) and with neither delivery nor notice during the 12 horus, totally left me in dark. Their company CSR didn't know...
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I didn't like
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Wish I could give a negative star. They jerked me around when delivering a $6000 bed from Tempur-Pedic. First, cancelled my Thursday delivery without calling me, saying they haven’t received the bed in their warehouse. (Which had been shipped 9 days previously...
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Bought new appliances from Lowe’s several weeks ago. They outsourced delivery to XPO Logistics. Delivery scheduled for 7-9 pm on a Friday. We cancel our Friday night plans and stay home. We moved old appliances out of the way to make the install easier for their...
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I had the same experience with a stove as the other complaint I just read. I just can't believe why lowes is stilling using this service.thy cost me over 200 dollars of my tim...

On November 27, I went to the Lowe on South Dakota Ave (DC) (never again), the young lady SHOW me where she input my item for delivery in the system which was the next day (November 28), that evening I received a call from XPO stating my delivery will be between...
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Received a call at 10:00 pm from this company telling me my delivery was the next day at 3-5. I called to tell them i was working and I could have someone be at the house the following day, so they changed the date. I have someone at the house waiting, and got a...
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I agree, the WORST delivery company I ever deal. A bunch incompetent personnel.this will be the last time I will deal with Lowe involving these bozos


Xpo Logistics - 2 Days later STILL don’t have delivery

Purchased majoR appliance with next day red carpet delivery service on 11/24. They said they couldn’t do next day but promised delivery on 11/26, they no showed no called. Promised delivery on 11/27, they no showed no called. I Called on 11/27 after scheduled delivery time and they said the driver ran out of time and couldn’t make delivery until 11/30!!!
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Company couldnt deliver next day, Never called w delivery timeframe, said "store never turned in paperwork". Rescheduled- then they called when they were supposed to arrive saying couldnt make it. Customer service- long hold times on phone. People on phone passing the...
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